Bad Billy James, WEEX Easton PA | February-August 1978

… “with a new fall lineup coming soon!”

Courtesy Contributor Bill James.

Originally posted in February of ’05 in Real Media format, here’s a reloaded, “HD” version of Bill James on 1230 WEEX Easton PA. This is the “Big X”, but on AM!! ‘Bad’ Billy did the night show and, like John ‘Records truly is my middle name’ Landecker on WLS – Billy was loud and proud to do the night show.

This is a really fun aircheck to listen to. You’ll find that in 1978, the AM rockers tried so hard to keep the kids attention span. It WAS fun – but not to last since most of these AM Top 40 stations gave up within two years or so. Now, you can hear this valliant effort to maintain parity with FM – in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania…not all that far from NYC, right here.