October 25, 2021

4 thoughts on “Big Ron O’Brien, 66 WNBC New York | February 2, 1982

  1. Who was the announcer (at 4:50) for Doan’s Pills? I’ve heard him many times. Also, Charles McCord (6:54) used to do the news on “Imus in the Morning”. He continued even after 660 became WFAN. I thought of something for the first time a few nights ago. Imus was fired from 660 in NYC twice, the first time was ’77, I believe, and eleven years ago this month. He’ll be doing his last show March 29th of this year, and I wish him a happy retirement.

  2. DIsappointing aircheck. Very little of Big Ron, too much news, commercials, and Big Ron at his less-than-finest, personality-wise. I have airchecks of B.R.O. in the fall of 1982 when he went to the 8-12 midnight shift following Howard Stern. Superb! Also have “all night creature feature” with Ron at his best!. Have never felt motivated to share my recordings with this site or Reelradio for fear of editing of the tape content,
    and not giving me due credit for my telescopic efforts…..

    1. If that’s all you worry about… Everyone who sends in a tape or mp3 gets full credit for their work as Contributor. As for editing tape content, the actual tape is never altered in any way. I use digital editors. However, if it’s because you object to the actual music being removed, that I can’t help. There are laws which I have to obey that stipulate no musical performances unless a hefty royalty payment is made to the labels/artists. But that’s the only editing that I do besides some cleanup and a bit of processing if needed. You have to realize that I re-master everything to get the best quality possible out of old dusty tapes.

      Hope that explains what I do here. Feel free to donate or not. Either way, thank you for visiting Airchexx!

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