92.5 FM Philadelphia WIFI WXTU I92

Bill O’Brien, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981


Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg CraigDate of Recording: 11.24.1981
92.5 WIFI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (WIFI/WXTU)
Format: CHR
Original Owner: General Cinema Corporation
Current Owner: CBS Radio
Featured Air Personality: Bill O’Brien
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks


Listen to this fairly short scope of Evening guy Bill O’Brien and decide for yourself, is this AC or Top 40? The music is Adult Contemporary, but some fits into the emerging CHR format. But, one persistent fact keeps going around my head, despite all I read about WIFI 92 going AC: The jock keeps talking between EVERY record! That’s totally against the rules of AC formatted stations. Ok, the perceived rules. Perhaps WIFI was in the process of moving towards Adult Contemporary. We could over think this to death, along with the Liz Kiley aircheck recorded a few hours prior to this one.

Dispensing with much of the commentary written about other WIFI 92 airchecks, let the listener discern this aircheck for his or herself, remembering that 1981 might as well have been a different century. Wait! it WAS a different century! Proof positive that… we’re getting old.
92.5 FM Philadelphia WIFI WXTU I92



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November 27, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Maybe WIFI was the genesis of the Hot AC format.

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