Bill Tanner on Y100 WHYI Miami | February 1978

Y100 100.7 WHYI Miami


WHYI Y100 Miami – Bill Tanner – February 1978

Courtesy: Mike McCann Tauss

If you grew up in South Florida in the 1970s and ‘80s and listened to Top 40 radio, chances are you can still hum the “Tanner in the Morning” jingle from Y-100.

Tanner had a special way of bonding with his listeners. He was open with fans and cultivated a recognizable, relatable, persona. His style on the radio in Miami helped usher in a wave of like-minded DJs and programmers including Sonny Fox, Robert W. Walker, Don “Cox on the Radio” Cox, “James T.” Thomas and Jo “The Rock and Roll Madame” Maeder.

In addition to Y100, Tanner was on air & programmed WASH in DC, and WPOW Power 96 Miami.

Tanner has been with Summit Media in Alabama since 2013, where he led radio programming strategy for all of the company’s markets, including Birmingham, Greenville, Honolulu, Knoxville, Louisville, Omaha, Richmond, Springfield, Tuscaloosa and Wichita -Ellis


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