Blue in the Morning, 99.7 KYUU San Francisco | August 9, 1988

99.7 San Francisco KYUU

After the demise of KFRC two years earlier, CHR was left only to the FM band, and this station, KYUU. Here’s a long aircheck of Blue in the Morning, with all the essential elements of modern morning shows… news, traffic, weather, entertainment reports and the like. It’s mostly information for the first one third of this scope, then the hits really start rolling (we’re assuming in the 9am hour).

We know nothing about Mr. Blue other than this sounds like a pretty run of the mill morning show you’d hear in any other city in the late 80s…. we’ll give the programmer this: there ARE a few dead segues and some decent imaging, but other than that, no jingles and after the informational portion of the morning show, it’s pretty dead apart from the hits from 1988. Still, its one of the few rare non KFRC San Francisco airchecks, and we’re sure someone out there remembers this station.

Audio is a bit grainy, this is a second generation recording that someone encoded at a lower bitrate, but it’s pretty good beyond that.

KYUU 99.7 FM


  1. This Air check was right before the switch to KXXX-FM X-100 that is why the stations image is so generic sounding and the music is very rhythmic to compete with KMEL before the switch to mainstream TOP 40. That is just theory of mine a lot of station in the 80’s and mid 90’s did this before a format switch I guess to smoothly switch the demo audience before the big change. KYUU was originally more adult TOP 40 when it went on the air in the mid seventies Don Blu stayed with X-100 until the summer of 89 then went to KIOI where he still is today

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