September 19, 2021

3 thoughts on “Bob Merchant; Ched Miller, 1410 CFUN Vancouver BC | 1978

  1. The consultants to Cfun at that time were J Robert Wood who was CHUM Toronto’s PD but all the credit for CFUN in that era goes to Chick McCoy who was the best PD I ever worked for. And all the jocks and newsmen. The lineup at CFUN when I got there in 1977 was Jim Hault mornings, Bob Merchant mid morning, Ched Miller midays, Bob McGee afternoon drive, Tom Lucas early evening, Racoon Carney late evenings, Billy Williams all night, Russ McLoed swing and me Rich “Kelly” Elwood swing and weekend morning show.

    It was a great station in a great city in a wonderful era.

  2. The most fun I’ve had in radio under the Chuck regime and the least fun under his replacement. I guess I’m hard to please. We had some laughs, Rich.

  3. Wow – Racoon Carney, Tom Lucas, Bob Merchant… I haven’t heard those names in years! I was 14 back in ’78 and had one of those crystal radio kits that my parents gave me. The only station it picked up was 14CFUN. Lucky me, since that’s all I wanted to listen to. Well, that and Canucks/Lions games on ‘NW. I especially liked listening to the Top 100 of the Year, which went on for a few days around New Years. Good memories!

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