Bobby Day, First Day on 1290 CFRW Winnipeg | March, 1979

1290 Winnipeg CFRW 1979

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Bobby Day’s first day on the air. Judging by his performance, it sounds like his first day in RADIO. But hey, everyone starts somewhere. Now, before you start saying “be tolerant”…we are. But, this was 1979 and you’ll be laughing in the privacy of your own space. So, why not?! This should dovetail nicely with a poll question on our facebook page to the effect of, “How was your first day in radio?” That’ll post soon, too!

If you wanna skip our facebook page, try going to the BOTTOM of this page and posting your answer. Perhaps your first day in radio went great. Perhaps, the best way to sum it up would be, “oops!”. Yea. Post that. You know you wanna!

For the record, this is our first post for both CFRW (which is an All-Sports station today) and for the city of Winnipeg. Aircheck courtesy of Daniel Coulombe, one of our Canadian contributors. Many, MANY thanks!
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  1. He sounds A WHOLE LOT better than I did 45 years ago—:))

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