Boston Composite: WRKO & WEZE | 1973

Courtesy of Contributor Steve Bleecker (In Your Speaker…)
Steve writes:

Well…Dale Dorman is ” Riding thru’ the Air ” to YOU right now…along with his Buddies Tony Mann, and Mike Addams!

You will certainly notice that Dorman is “off his mark” (to a pretty large degree) THAT day…But…we’ll cut him some slack , due to it’s being the Holidays (Day before, or even Thanksgiving Day (’73?) itself.

A wonderfully mastered recording featuring some Boston greats! Mike Addams was better known as time went on, in the late 70s, and early 80s at WRKO – even did some time at WAQY Springfield (Rock 102/Wacky 102). Dale Dorman’s career is legendary, including stints at WVBF, WXKS-FM and WODS until his retirement. Tony Mann was also a mainstay for a while at WRKO in the mid-70s. All three are heard on a recording so crisp, you’ll think you have WRKO on a little table radio right next to you!

While I’m not entirely sure of the date, Steve says he thinks its 1973. We think it’s ’74. Who’s right? Post your guesses below.