Boston DJ Legend Dale Dorman ‘Passes’ the Audition – with J. J. Wright, WODS Boston | September 9, 2003

103.3 Boston WODS WEEI-FM WHTT

J.J. Wright Dale Dorman WXKS-FM Kiss-108 680 Boston WRKOOver a decade ago within the confines of the WODS Studios in Boston, Dale Dorman was welcomed with open arms after spending most of the previous two decades doing CHR radio at crosstown WXKS-FM “Kiss-108”. One of the most recognizable voices in Boston, Dorman was known to several generations of kids, who listened and loved this man with an amazing sense of humor, impeccable way with the English language and morning friend to kids and their parents’ alike.

So, on this day in 2003, the late Dale Dorman became the morning voice that everyone’s parents grew up with! From the kids who heard him on WRKO in the 60s and much of the 70s, to the Disco queens of the F-105 era at Fairbanks’ 105.7 WVBF, to the 60s kids’ own children who loved him on “Kiss 108” (107.9 WXKS-FM Medford/Boston) and as the voice between cartoons on WLVI-TV Channel 56. Dorman truly was a LEGEND in Boston, perhaps as much as WBZ’s Carl DeSuze was a generation earlier.

J. J. Wright is heard on this recording doing his afternoon show on WODS.. along with others, as Dorman arrives, to a list of ‘questions’ he had to answer (not really but it made for good listening!) to ‘pass’ the audition to become a WODS jock. If knowing who the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were, Dale Dorman aced that test!

Taken in context of what was going on at this point in time at WODS, was the ‘re-tooling’ of the format, dropping the longtime “Oldies 103.3” on air branding with its focus of music from the early 60s to the mid-70s, and moving it more to late 60s-late 70s (and later, 60s, 70s AND 80s in response to competing station WROR 105.7’s Classic Hits format), and simply calling the station 103.3 WODS. But on this day, the station is still using the “Oldies 103.3” Jingles. A real treat this is, listen now and re-live it for yourself!

103.3 Boston WODS WEEI-FM WHTT

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  1. Jeff Lehmann

    The change to “103.3 WODS” dropping the oldies name wasn’t until ’08 or ’09.

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