Carol King, 1200 WBZY New Castle PA | January 6, 1989

Another AM Music station that’s been gone for quite a while is WBZY. Licensed to New Castle, Pennsylvania, the station’s largest close metro area is Youngstown, Ohio.

We don’t know much about this station other than today the station is WKST. The jock on this is Carol King – whether that’s her real name or stage name is anyone’s guess. Still, this is a good sounding station and was live in an era where AM stations were increasingly utilizing satellite music formats before the music completely died off on AM. Notice AP Network News at the bottom of the hour (at around the 4 minute mark), then local news with Joan Henning. This news break was probably 6 minutes long but here, its scoped and cut down to about 20 seconds between the first headline and the news end.