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Charlie Bird Lindsay, 103.5 WEZL Charleston | June, 1988

Here’s the ‘old’ 80s version of Hot Country “Weazel 103.5” WEZL. The Weazel was a name used up until about 1991 or so, when Charlie Bird Lindsay, Larry Farina and a few others left WEZL and became part of a group that […]

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The Wakeup Crew, 96.1 WAVF (Hannahan) Charleston | June, 1988

Charleston, as with so many markets these days, has had a lot of format and frequency changes since the new millenium took hold. The 96.1 frequency is certainly no exception. At one point, WAVF, known as “96 Wave-FM”, was a very popular […]

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The Top 5 At 10 – A Sample of WSSX Charleston, SC | July 28, 1998

I wish I could tell you who the jock is on this aircheck, but in the 45 minutes of the original recording, he never says his name once. No jock imaging is heard… nothing! But its obvious from this 6-plus minute scope […]

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WOKE Charleston SC | Sometime 1980’s

Here’s a rare aircheck of Standards WOKE Charleston SC. I remember hearing the station when I was stationed there in the early 90s during my Naval service, and remember this sounding like a relic from my grandfather’s era! Not much I can […]

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Calvin Hicks/Mitch Zano, WSSX 95SX Charleston SC | November, 1996

Charleston, SC is an under-rated market. I say that knowing that there are a lot of Large and Medium sized markets that did and still do have plenty of talent gracing the airwaves. This time, we have a pretty long late afternoon/evening […]

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John Burwell & WTMA (Charleston) Music Machine Blooper

Courtesy of Mike Raub, here’s an aircheck that proves the worth of 5 second delay. WTMA didn’t have one, apparently. This speaks for itself….

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Tim Byrd, 1390 WXTC (AM) “Charleston’s Oldies Station” | June, 1988

Once again from California Aircheck via Contributor Robyn Watts, we present more from Charleston SC. WXTC (AM) 1390 has flipped formats more than a few times since the 1980s. In this recording made in June, 1988, WXTC is branded as “Charleston’s Oldies […]

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Classic Hits 102.5 WXLY Charleston SC | June 1988

102.5 FM in Charleston SC never seemed to ever stay with a format for very long. In 1993, your webmaster went to work, ever so briefly, for WEZL. One of the jocks that I was fortunate enough to make friends with, Rhett […]

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A Sample of WWHT AM/FM Charleston – “Hot 94” | June, 1988

Here’s another aircheck where the jock never says her name. Running just over 5 minutes scoped, that would come out to about twenty minutes air time, the music isn’t genuine ‘urban’ format (unless you think Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” is Urban), although […]

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Michael Dee and the Rude Wake Up, 107.5 WKQB ‘Q107’ Charleston SC | June 1988

Courtesy of Robyn Watts’ fabulously huge collection, here’s another ‘California Aircheck’. WKQB ‘Q107’ was considered the number one hit music station in Charleston in 1988, before Hurricane Hugo all but destroyed the station one year later. Station VP/GM Steve Judy comes on […]

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