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Election Parody: 1996 Presidential Debate, 103.7 KOUL Corpus Christi Tx

Each election cycle, I like to re-post this big of election parody done for the 1996 Presidential Election. Before you step out the door to go vote today, take a few minutes and listen to this! Actually, all this was from a Newsman whose talent was noticed by RKO general, way back in the big days of the Disco Duck era, as Rick Dees‘ sidekick at WHBQ Memphis. This is the “Doc & McKeever morning show on KOUL. At the time, “Cool 103” was the leading Country station in South Texas. Steve Weldon and I talked a lot back then, and before I left for different parts, Steve handed me this tape and said, “I hope you get some laughs from this”. I’m sure he never thought this would end up in a museum. Appearing in no particular order, the characters of Ross...

Steve Sawyer, 103.7 KOUL Sinton/Corpus Christi TX | November 21, 1996

1996 was a great year for Country music. No matter what city one lived in, ‘New’ Country, as they called the format was hot, with artists like Faith Hill, Ty Herndon, Tim McGraw and John Michael Montgomery being the new up-and-coming or recently established artists of the day. This was before Keith Urban or most of today’s mega-stars, and it was the fourth year of Country’s big resurgence of the 90s after being considered long-dead from the mid-70s till about 1992. Its with this background that we present 103.7 KOUL, a onetime market leader in 1994-95, tied with crosstown K-99 for number one in the city, down, at the time of this aircheck to number 5. There were many reasons for this, most notably the lack of personality, as by this time, PD Dave Collins had essenti...

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