Darryl B, 800 CKLW Windsor, Ontario | Sometime 1970

Its the heyday of “The Big 8” and the Drake format is alive and well in this 3 minute QuickCheck of CKLW. The Motor City is used as CKLW’s legal ID, and time/temperatures are given for both cities. This is ORIGINAL gold from RKO’s Canadian outlet – heard up and down the eastern seaboard. We don’t remember Darryl B., but he certainly fits in on this “Million Dollar” Weekend! Thanks to contributor Paul Ford in Michigan.

Jack Anthony, 800 CKLW Windsor, Ontario | 1972

Loosely scoped and running about 30 minutes in length, here’s a trip back to 1972 with Jack Anthony on CKLW! Note, of course, the Johnny Mann singers Jingles and Drake formatics! The Drake sound stayed at CKLW for a long time, even longer than at KHJ. You’re listening to Jack Anthony on CKLW – Motor City Rock! One of the great all time Top of the hour announcements. Nothing fake about the voice of Bill Drake himself! Thanks again to contributor Paul Ford for this golden great!

“Super” Max Kinkel, CKLW “The Big 8” Windsor (Ontario) | January 21, 1976

“… on the Money Station, C K L W!!” Six minutes of Motor City madness with Super Max! This is the station once considered the third most listened to station in the world! ‘Super’ Max Kinkel is filling in for Ted ‘The Bear’ Richards, who is with the Bay City Rollers this particular evening and is going to be arriving in the CKLW studios a bit later. Super Max even makes mention of the crowd gathered outside the studio awaiting Ted Richards’ arrival with the band. CKLW is giving away lots of money during here at the start of 1976. In fact, this aircheck starts out with Kinkel giving one lucky listener $50.00 for knowing the right numbers… obviously a great listener! This aircheck ends at 9:06 pm (CKLW time), with Ted Richards arriving in ...

JoJo, 93-1 WDRQ Detroit | January 28, 1997

The ink was barely dry on Telcom ’96 and the vast consolidation that unravelled radio was only just beginning. No sign of it in Detroit as 1997 kicked off, and Detroit’s newest dance station was RED HOT! From what was previously “Lite FM”, came this Rhythmic CHR station and one hell of a great jock called simply JOJO. Listen to how JoJo works the phones, does contests and how TIGHT this station was! Who said radio was boring in the 90s?!!

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