Format Change: FM News Ends; New Rock Begins, 101.9 WEMP New York | July 17, 2012

Essentially picking up where the old WRXP “Rock Experience” format left off with a new and improved twist, Merlin’s 101.9 FM dropped it’s almost year-old FM News format at 10:05 AM. Our sister site, Radioinsight, as always, covered the event while the […]

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New York’s 101.9 FM Reinvents itself as WEMP “101-9 FM New”: Sample, 8/5/11

How we got here… doesn’t really matter anymore. One can get really confused trying to figure out why a station is programmed to be as it is. Take this new WEMP. Rumored to be a future FM News station, 101-9 FM New […]

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