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QuickChexx: Ross & Wilson, 77 WABC New York | 1982

New Contributor Ellis Feaster presents this very short bit from Ross & Wilson at the tail end of the music era at WABC. Just ONE break from these guys, but you do get an idea of what WABC sounded like just before going News/Talk. Not much we can say about this one… one break from the guys, part of a commercial, a WABC jingle (from JAM’s “We Like Your Style”) and into “I Love A Rainy Night” from Eddie Rabbit. Fades out at just over a minute and a half.

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 16, 1961

It’s the SWINGIN’ sound of 77 Radio in New York! From the earliest days of WABC’s Top 40 format and one of Dan Ingram’s first broadcasts, here’s the beginning’s of what would become one of the most popular Top 40 stations in broadcasting history. This opens with a promo for Herb Oscar Anderson’s morning show, then moves right along into Big Dan’s show. Listen for WABC Action Central News toward the end. Notice how promos and such are done in a very ‘announcer’ type fashion. Conversational-style announcing wouldn’t come along for a few more years. This recording is somewhat muddy, and sounds like it is not a first-generation recording. Contributed by Steven Green, there’s no telling how many times this was dubbed off bu...

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 22, 1967

Courtesy of Steven Green, here’s a long-awaited brand new Dan Ingram recording from the heyday of the greatest Top 40 Station of All Time! One of the clearest recordings of WABC from this era, Big Dan is outrageous and as always, on top of his game! This had to have been recorded onto reel before encoding to mp3 by our Contributor due to the outstanding quality. This recording has been left essentially intact. Runs an hour and a half, and has one splice in the middle. There are really no words to describe this, from an era that many consider the time that WABC was at its peak, with something like 2/3rds of the audience tuned in at certain times. Just listen!

WABC Dan Ingram Composite, 1965-66

Thanks to longtime Contributor Steven Green, Legendary Deejay Dan Ingram is the subject of this 26 minute composite of his air work on 77 WABC New York. This spans about a year an a half, from 1965 to sometime later in 1966. This is an absolutely ORIGINAL recording, made by our contributor on his reel-to-reel deck. That means this has not been heard anywhere else before, since the original broadcasts. Its ALL 1960s WABC, scoped down by our Contributor, and including tons of mid-60s commercials and TONS of PAMS jingles! Listen as Big Dan ad-libs his way through a lot of live commercials, like Castro Convertible, etc. And if you REALLY want to laugh… towards the end of this, Dan sing’s along with Herb Oscar Anderson’s “Hello Again”, to roaring laughter in the st...

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | April 30, 1982

When Matt Seinberg at Big Apple Airchecks said he was going to donate this Dan Ingram aircheck, he warned me, “Its kinda boring…”. Well, you’ve been warned. Recorded one week before the biggest format change in New York City history, WABC can be described here as, sluggish, slow and boring. Its as if ABC brass was trying their best to chase any audience away. Remember, this is 1982 and only two years earlier, TOP 40 WABC was only number 2 in the city, right behind a Disco station. So why hasten the demise? Its been said that ABC knew the future of AM was talk and wanted to go out on top. Which might have been but it’s staple of talk programs in the beginning dropped ratings nearly into the cellar. All that can be bantered around for another 30 years. What we h...

Dan Ingram’s 20th Anniversary Broadcast, 77 WABC New York | July 3, 1981

This aircheck is probably out there somewhere else on the web, but we did receive a perfect copy on cassette, which was obviously the first generation edit due to the typewritten date on the label (using an old cart label, at that!) Officially, Dan Ingram did his first show on WABC on July 3, 1961, although he did go on the air prior to this date without using his real name – so Dan Ingram was actually not Chuck Dunaway on the Chuck Dunaway show back in ’61. But on July 3, 1981, Dan Ingram was marking 20 years with the American Broadcasting Company by doing what he always did – play the music and entertain, on a microphone with no reverb. What a way to get a gold watch! WABC really threw a party for Ingram. Among the guest, Howard Cosell and many of the jocks Big Dan work...

Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | April 2, 1979

As part of our celebration of the 50th anniversary of WABC’s format change to Top 40 full time, here’s Chuck Leonard as heard on his show on 4/2/79. This is another high quality original recording thanks to Big Apple Airchecks. Leonard is in top form, as the final year of true Top 40 rolls on through the Disco era at WABC. Check out the original commercials, included!

Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | August 31, 1978

Here’s an hour long treat for WABC Music Radio 77 fans! I’ve no idea how this was recorded but it sounds suspiciously like it was taken right off the WABC studio console. The audio quality is the best I’ve ever heard! Sped up records (well, carts, as WABC had all carted music by 1978), lots of disco hits and thundering reverb! Chuck Leonard is all wound up and rockin’ out here on a warm Summer night. Its the perfect time to hear something NEW, from MusicRadio 77! Courtesy of AircheckDownloads.com

Cousin Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | September, 1965

From the heyday of WABC, here’s a GREAT aircheck of Bruce Morrow when he was a teen jock. Right off we hear Brucie’s custom jingle recorded by the Four Seasons. You’ll love the classic commercials, like Coca-Cola recorded by Freddie and the Dreamers, and more! Dan Ingram is the voice for WABC’s music promos.. and listen to how young he sounds! WABC is calling themselves ‘Go Go Radio’ at this point in time. Listen as Cousin Brucie announces that Ron Lundy is in at Midnight on this particular night. Lundy came to WABC from St. Louis’ WIL, and somehow I thought he got to WABC later than 1965 but apparently not. A bit later, a Dan Ingram voiced promo saying that Ron Lundy is the brand new All American overnight jock. That’s the first time I ever ...

New York City Blackout – Radio Coverage | July 13, 1977 – Reloaded

July… Heat, Humidity, Hot Dogs… you know the drill. Often, especially in the Northeast, one of those cool fronts brings relief but they also bring trouble. This particular night in 1977 is remembered by nearly every New Yorker around back then. It started off as a miserably hot day, then a BIG storm front blew in… but it was only one of a chain of events that would leave Big Apple residents in the dark. Radio covered it well. Lots of audio from WABC, WCBS, WINS & others.

WABC Rewound ’04: Bob Cruz, August 31, 1978

Courtesy of Matt Seinberg at Big Apple Airchecks, here’s another ‘lost’ tape: From Rewound ’04, Hour 2 featured Bob Cruz during his program on 8/31/78. As host Johnny Donovan says, this segment is for those who love ‘lost 45s’. WABC played a lot of disco music at this point in time, but it begins with a Cruz intro to Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” More archives restoral still to come at Airchexx.com!

WABC Rewound 2004: Hour 1: Les Mashack 1970

And thus begins the 2004 edition of WABC Rewound, a program that was heard for exactly 10 years each Memorial Day Monday, from 1998 until 2008. The 2009 edition was an internet only event and upon the semi-retirement of Johnny Donovan, the show disappeared completely in 2010. This is hour 1 which features Les Marshack who did overnights in 1970. In fact, Marshack started doing the overnight show the previous year when Program Director Rick Sklar had Roby Younge removed for breaking format. This aircheck begins with a then current ABC Newscast with information on the war in Iraq, etc. Then moves on to Rewound itself. Listen closely as WABC’s normal audio gets ‘tweaked’ within the first minute of the news to insert the legendary WABC reverb! Listen for plenty of hits and co...

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