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Joey Reynolds, 66 WNBC New York | January 7 – 11, 1974

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis… This audio came in on an old generic brand C90 Cassette. Apparently transferred from the source reel, this took a bit of processing to bring back to life, speeding up the audio to what now sounds close to normal. Still, there are dropouts, and because this was recorded at night, there is the normal fading that occurs on the AM band after dark. Despite white noise and tape hiss, this is unmistakably Joey Reynolds, filling in here for Wolfman Jack. Honestly, your webmaster didn’t know Reynolds had been at NBC prior to his Afternoon Drive show in 1985-86, but this is proof that he was indeed there, at least on a fill-in basis. This aircheck reveals a few things about WNBC in ’74. First, this appears to be the most haphazard format I’...

Jim Collins, The “Time Machine”; 66 WNBC New York | September 5, 1987 8:50-10:20 AM

Our first aircheck from new contributor Frank Davis just happens to be the first tape I pulled from the top of the box – Frank sent hundreds of tapes, and we’ll be pulling from this collection for years to come. Join us now as we head back in time through the magic of Maxell UDS-II Chrome tape to 1987. It’s Labor Day weekend and WNBC, in it’s final year on the air (though they don’t know it yet) is in the middle of an extended “Time Machine” weekend. The station is counting down the top 66 hits of the 60s. This starts at #29 and runs through #17. While scoped, this still runs 43 minutes, through two beach reports and two full newscasts, including both local and NBC Network news. Lots of 1987 commercials, reverb and PAMS jingles, resung for WNBC, to...

WMXV New York Stunts as “Arrow 105.1” – Part 2 | April 1, 1994

Part 2 of WMXV’s April Fools’ Day stunt as “Arrow 105.1” – the format was launching all over the place in the Spring of ’94. WMXV simply decided to jump on the bandwagon – for one day!. [etv]

“Starsky & Hutch”, WMXV New York Stunts as “Arrow 105.1” | April 1, 1994

Done as an April Fools’ joke, WMXV produces an entire format – Arrow 105.1, an all-70s format compete with beds from popular TV shows and a re-branded morning show as ‘Starsky & Hutch’ from a popular TV show of the same name. The “Arrow” format had, by this time, launched in DC with Arrow 94.7 as the first Arrow station, a narrowcasted 1970s-only format. I don’t know what happened the day AFTER this stunt, but some listeners can surely fill us in! [etv]

Vic Latino & the Top 8 at 8, WKTU 103-5 “The Beat of New York” | June 25, 2002

This starts out in a commercial break, but after that it’s ALL Vic Latino! At the time of this aircheck, WKTU’s Dance incarnation at 103.5 FM was one of the top stations in New York City, a far cry from several years earlier, when 103.5 was home to the Country version of WYNY – a great sounding, but struggling radio station. Not to confuse out of town visitors, THIS WKTU is not the same radio station as the one which beat WABC for the first time in 1979, that was 92.3 WKTU, a Disco station which went mainstream CHR in the 80s before flipping to Alternative Rock as WXRK, and subsequently becoming the home for Howard Stern’s morning show. With 103.5 KTU, the call letters came full circle, as the station was intended to resurrect the legacy of the original Disco statio...

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