930 WPAT

“Today’s 93.1 FM” WPAT Patterson NJ

First, let me share a quick memory. Around the time this was recorded, perhaps earlier, I was driving down the NJTP, headed back to Norfolk, VA. The radio in my Buick Skyhawk was a Delco AM Stereo model, which had one problem with it. The FM Stereo mode burnt out. As in, FM would play in mono. Out of sheer irony, the AM side was superior, and for stations that were in AM Stereo, simply phenomenal. WPAT (AM) 930 was in AM Stereo. I mention this for those who are unaware that this was the case, or for those who forgot. WPAT was an AM/FM simulcast for much of the 80s and when I needed to listen to something soothing, instead of my normal fare of Whitesnake or Van Halen, I did go to WPAT. Usually when I was suffering one of my frequent blinding migraines. I told you that, just to go to the old...

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