Brad Stone, 1320 KCPX Salt Lake City, Utah | March 27, 1980

From the Big Apple Airchecks collection, here’s one donated to us sometime in 2007. History of the 1320 frequency in Salt Lake is available HERE. Someone associated with KCPX in the early 1970s is probably still around to comment about this. Regarding the Zeppelin promotional at right, how much hard rock made it onto the KCPX playlist? And, are there some better recordings out there of this Salt Lake City station? We’d be interested in the ‘competition’, as well – one of our visitors commented (below) that the old faux-Drake format of the early 70s was a lot ‘whiter’ than Drake had programmed KHJ. We like ALL the music from that era and want to sample all the available formats, so if you have something, please, by all means, feel free to donate it ...

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