Bob Todd

Bob Todd, The Big 8 CKLW Windsor (Detroit) | 1967

Bob Todd on “The Big 8” – RKO General’s monster Canadian radio station! It’s been said that Bill Drake’s ‘More Music” format arrived at CKLW in 1966. Here’s the Big 8 in all it’s Drake goodness with the formatics intact. Listen to this and imagine a Summer afternoon somewhere in Ontario or Michigan/Northern Indiana/Northwest Ohio… the signal does travel that far! There’s some thunderstorm activity somewhere in the region based upon the static crashes, and this is a daytime signal evident by the lack of fading. Well, this is how CKLW sounded like in it’s prime! This was a monster station, marketed to the U.S. side of the international border, at a time before Canadian Content rules dictated station current playlis...

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