Captain Whammo

Captain Whammo, WMET Chicago | April 1978

Date of Recording: 04.xx.1978 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 95.5 WMET Chicago, Illinois, USA Featured Air Personality: Jim Channel (“Captain Whammo”) (WDHF, WMET, WCFL, others) “I Feel like a little screamin’ and yellin’ tonight!” Comments: Jim Channel, aka “Capt. Whammo” is heard here on 95 1/2 WMET. Note the disco music and the WCFL-style jingle package in use at the time which kinda sounds out of place considering the year. They sound good at this point, but I’m at a loss as to why WMET had some of the worst jingles ever heard prior to ’78… low budget, maybe? And, in your humble webmaster’s opinion, the imaging voice is and was horrible, but that’s made up for the fact that the format itself slams, and Whammo ...

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