680 Boston WRKO

68 WRKO “Blooper Tape, circa 1968-73

For you radio people, how many of you remember sitting down at a staff meeting or a holiday party at some restaurant, and the GM or PD pulled out this tape of bloopers, things nobody[…]

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680 AM Boston WRKO WNAC

J.J. Jeffrey/Chuck Knapp and the “Top 300 Best of All Time”, 68 WRKO Boston | October 20, 1967

Our good friend Bob Gilmore returns with another fantastic aircheck of old! It seems kind of odd that WRKO, a new station at this point, having flipped to Top 40 from the former WNAC earlier[…]

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560 Philadelphia WFIL

J.J. Jeffrey, “Famous 56” WFIL Philadelphia | May, 1970

Date of Recording: May, 1970 (Exact date unknown) Station: 560 WFIL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Featured Air Talent: J.J. Jeffrey Aircheck Entry: 1,428 Comments: …It’s a MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND, but when you’re with me, you get it[…]

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