Mark Simone

Mark Simone, 77 WABC New York | July 21, 2007

For those who never heard this show, WABC added this program right after WCBS-FM dropped oldies in favor of the “Jack-FM” format, trying to capitalize on the tremendous heritage that WABC had as a music station. Mark Simone is a consummate professional, able to host a talk show on WABC and be very serious talking politics, and yet still be a fantastic disc jockey – he should, having worked at stations like WPIX 102 doing top 40 and WNEW Eleven Three Oh as a standards jock.  Regarding Saturday Night Oldies, it was an experiment which failed.  The show morphed into an interview program. and then was dropped. This really is a noisy aircheck. Recorded in your webmaster’s back room with all my electronics lit up, the WABC signal often faded into the high computer noise w...

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