Melody Meadows

Melody Meadows, (99.7) WMC-FM 100 Memphis | November, 1997

Please remember to support your favorite aircheck site! With a dozen new airchecks every week, its a great value for your money! And the site is FREE! Curator’s Notes: Its been 21 years since this was recorded and to me, it seems like just yesterday! This is short – just over 4 minutes long… but you really get the feel for FM 100 and the pace of the station in an era where HotAC included a lot of Rock… not so much middle of the road pop. It was an interesting time, to be sure! Going through some tapes I had laying around the studio about 7 years ago, I ran across this unmarked C-90 that I apparently picked up while living in Millington, TN. This is Melody Meadows who had already moved on to  1070 WDIA, by the time I arrived to work at FM 100 in 2005.  Today, Mel is ...

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