MG Kelly

MG Kelly, 94.3 KMXN Garden Grove (Los Angeles) | September 5, 2001

Lemme give you my private line… Please do not give this out to anyone!!” Curator’s Notes: Finding this aircheck was a shock! Shocking, because this is not a format or station I would have expected to hear MG Kelly on. No, really. The format is called “Modern AC” and was popular around the time of the early 2000s. In fact, this station existed from 2000 to 2003 before finally flipping to Spanish. This is scoped, but Kelly is heard after a couple of sweepers. His personality shines here, just as it does everywhere he has been heard. Commercials have been left intact for historical purposes.

Machine Gun Kelly, Oldies 93 KCBS-FM Los Angeles | Date unknown

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: 93.1 KCBS-FM Los Angeles, California Featured Air Talent: M.G. Kelly Airchexx Entry: 654 (Repost at 1,451) Comments: Its always great to hear the gunner, and this is no exception… but why does your webmaster detect a hint of Dan Ingram sarcasm in Kelly’s delivery? Were it not for this exceptionally orchestrated set of KCBS-FM jingles and Southern California traffic reports, one could easily imagine being on the east coast and listening to 101.1 FM. Obviously this was a cloned station, CBS trying to imitate it’s NYC format in Los Angeles… and perhaps if not for KRTH being so well entrenched in the format, KCBS-FM could have done well.. but that’s a discussion for another time. There is no date on this recording but we know th...

Machine Gun Kelly, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | November 7, 1975

Date of Recording: November 7, 1975 Station: 930 KHJ Los Angeles, California Featured Air Talent: Machine Gun Kelly Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,420 Comments: This recording was recorded HOT! Hot recording levels to almost distortion levels, the tape ran very fast and I slowed it down as far as I dared (and still ended up with a bit of gurgle at the end of this 11 minute scope). There are some radio historians (yes, there are others besides myself) who feel that KHJ’s best era was during the 1965 launch of “Boss Radio” by PD Ron Jacobs, and Consultant Bill Drake. Certainly that particular format was a ‘first’ for radio, but best? Ask New Yawkers if they really thought KHJ in the 60s was better than Cousin Brucie or Dan Ingram on WABC? Its all in ...

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