Paul Christy

Composite, 1000 AM WCFL “Big 10” Chicago | December 22, 1970

Date of Recording: 12.22.1970 Station: 1000 WCFL (WLUP/WMVP) Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personalities: Paul Christy, Robert E. Lee Contributor: Daniel Coulombe Date of Posting: 09.05.2017 Total Time: 12:26 Airchexx Entry: 1,507 Nine oh two at the Voice of Labor, this is Robert E. Lee for Clark Webber… Curator’s Notes: This aircheck came to us somewhat unscoped. It’s a somewhat strange aircheck, in that the music is not what I’d consider true Top 40 fare, but considering this was three days before Christmas, perhaps WCFL, as some other stations ESPECIALLY back in 1970, toned it down for the holiday season. Compare with similar airchecks from stations like WLS and try to compare. This aircheck is living proof that radio stations indeed, DID, ac...