Paul “Cubby” Bryant

Paul Cubby Bryant, 100.3 WHTZ (Z100) Newark, NJ (New York City) | April 10, 1999

Recording Date: 04.10.1999 Station: 100.3 WHTZ New York City (Wikipedia) (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook) Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) Ownership: (Now) iHeartMedia, inc. / (Then) Malrite Media Branded: Z100, New York’s #1 Hit Music Station Featured Air Personality: Paul Cubby Bryant (WGH-FM/WHTZ/WKTU) (Wikipedia) Contributor: Anonymous Total Time: 5:15 (Telescoped) #1,569   Z100.. Cubby on the mic, Schroeder for the peanuts on the Piano, and Miss Grammy… Lorde Hill on vocals Curator’s Notes: Its been quite a while since we posted a Z100 aircheck, but nothing has really changed. Z100 is still a hot CHR station, although today the jocks speak a bit less and the music… well, there’s no rock today but that’s the state of pop music in 2018. This is...

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