Rob Banks

Rob Banks, 98.5 KLUC Las Vegas | December 21, 1996

Date of Recording: 12.21.1996 Station: 98.5 KLUC (KLUC-FM) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Featured Air Personality: Rob Banks Airchexx Entry: 875 Original Comments (05.14.2009) There are some airchecks here that we just don’t know much about, or are so typical of a particular format that we just can’t think of something original to write about. Knowing next to nothing about the Vegas market is a handicap, to be sure, but what stands out is the similarity to a typical CHR format today. Note that this is late 1996, Telcom ’96 was passed this particular year, and even though the consolidation that brought ruination had yet to begin, this is what CHR had become up to this point. Could it be that this was as far as the format would evolve, then stagnate from this point on? Who knows. ...

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