Ken Draw

Sample Morning Show, KOGO Radio 60 San Diego | 1978

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: 600 KOGO San Diego Branded “KOGO Radio 60” Featured Personality: Bill Moffitt; News: Ken Grau Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Airchexx Entry: 1,549 J.T. on the slide on K O G O.. Curator’s Notes: I’m not sure what to make of this. Late 70s soft AC or Middle of the Road (MOR) format with a lot of commercials. We never hear the jock’s name but somebody knows. This sounds like a competent station but I know the San Diego market well enough to know there were some powerhouse stations in town, not to mention the FM stations were becoming Giant, legendary stations. How well it rated in this 1977-78 timeframe I do not know, but there’s a line in Wikipedia where someone wrote, The Shadacks (Ed and his nephew Tom) took over KO...

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