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The Greaseman, WWDC-FM Washington – DC101 | March 30, 1988

How long has it been since The Greaseman was DC-101’s morning guy? Courtesy of Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks, this will surely bring back fond memories of the man who had a million stories (or so it seemed). We sure miss hearing […]

Tagged 1988, Doug Tracht, The Greaseman, Washington DC

The Greaseman (Doug Tracht), WWDC-FM ‘DC101’ Washington | 1983

He was irreverent. Bold. Outlandish. Wierd. And certainly not your run-of-the-mill radio personality. Doug Tracht, better known as The Greaseman, had a way about him on the air that no one before or since ever did. It’s probably indescribable, the stories, mumbling […]

Tagged 1983, Doug Tracht, The Greaseman

“Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987

New Contributor David Varndell checks in with this high quality recording of Steveski during his afternoon show. Its a crisp, Autumn day and the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures this particular night. We left the commercials in this one, as we […]

Tagged 1987, Steveski, Washington DC

The Greaseman, WWDC-FM DC101 Washington | March 11, 1988

Its The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) in all his glory! This was recorded by Matt, owner of Big Apple Airchecks, who also recorded this aircheck of Grease on 3/30/88. The topic du jour is teens who date older women – at least that’s […]

Tagged 1988, Doug Tracht, greaseman, Washington DC