Celebrate CCC Day – The End of Rock at 106.9 WCCC Hartford, Part 3 | August 1, 2014

106.9 Hartford, WCCC, Howard Stern, Litch, John O'Brien, Mike Karolyi

The final broadcast of WCCC. What, really can one say? Another one bites the dust, perhaps? Mike Karolyi brought so many people who worked at “The Rock” into the studio that it sounded more like a typical morning show. Voices coming and going. Laughter. Tears. Voices who literally choked up on the mic. To say it was an emotional day on Assylum St. would be an understatement.

The story is, that Marlin Broadcating, a very small company, was and is as of this writing, selling its last radio stations. On August 4, the date of this recording, at 5pm, Educational Media Foundation took over programming, turning 106.9 into a straight satellite feed of Contemporary Christian “K-Love”. It was the end of the line for all those who ever set foot in the legendary Rock & Roll studios of WCCC, and all those who ever wanted to be on the air there.

Part 3 picks up where our last segment left off. Its the end of a commercial break, and Mike Karolyi habitually goes into a song (that’s what you get for leaving the system in ‘auto’) – Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”, but that doesn’t last, a few seconds in, he dumps the song and says he didn’t mean to play it.

This hour is FULL of guests! Not much editing done here, so kick back, and notice how often the new owners of 102.9 DRC plug the ‘new’, tweaked format across town. Tweaked, so as to make the most of WCCC’s demise…

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