Charles McCord Says Good-Bye, Imus In The Morning, 77 WABC New York | May 6, 2011

770 New York WABC Imus

For almost 40 years, Charles McCord was wingman for Don Imus, on the popular “Imus In The Morning” show, On WNBC, WFAN, & finally WABC.

Many listeners thought Charles served only served as newsman on the program, but he was so much more. On the air, McCord joins in on the show’s banter. He delivers the news between Imus‘ frequent interruptions and he is sometimes charged with putting Imus back on the rails. McCord’s responsibilities also included writing comedy material for the recorded bits on the show, as well as scripts for the celebrity impersonators Larry Kenney and Rob Bartlett, as well as writing the questions Imus would ask his guests during interviews.  McCord’s writing skills lead to him to co-write, with Imus, the book God’s Other Son, a mock biography of Imus’s corrupt preacher character, Rev. Billy Sol Hargis.

McCord started his radio career at KICK in Springfield, Mo., in 1963. He moved to WFAA in Dallas, then WWDC and WTOP in Washington before joining NBC in New York, where he did weekend news for “Monitor” and eventually moved to morning news for the crazy new guy on WNBC. They developed a bond and McCord returned to Imus after his two major firings, from WNBC in 1977 and from WFAN 30 years later in 2007. When Imus returned to WNBC in 1979, McCord helped Imus‘ evolution from crazy shock jock to the socio-political and pop culture commentator of today.

This aircheck features Charles McCord’s final break with Imus, when leaving the show in 2011.

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