October 18, 2021

8 thoughts on “Charlie Tuna, KROQ 1500 AM Los Angeles | June, 1973

  1. This might have been one of the last Tuna shows on KROQ.

    KROQ’s original lineup imploded in the summer of 1973 when paychecks started bouncing. Jay Stevens, J. Paul Huddleston and Jimmy Rabbitt had already left.

    Tuna did a traditional Top 40 morning show, but the station as a whole leaned toward a lot harder rock than KHJ and KKDJ did at the time and, unlike them, played LP cuts(listen to the first few songs on the Sam Riddle portion of this aircheck).

    After Tuna left for KKDJ, the station went to a very eclectic album rock format, simulcast on FM from its acquisition in November, 1973 until the stations went dark for a couple of years in 1974.

  2. Thanks for the wealth of information. Obviously from someone who was there. As I explained in another post recently, the dates I get on these airchecks are what’s written on the source tape. As I’ve found out all too often this year, the written dates aren’t always correct.

    In all honesty, I had forgotten the date of Haldeman’s testimony… I was quite young back then, not quite 10 years old, so perhaps that’s why. Either way, there’s a lot of investigative work that has to go into these airchecks to get everything right with regards to historical data. That’s why comments like yours are so important. Thank you for filling us in.

    – West

  3. I remember listening to Charlie on AFRTS in Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. Loved your shows. Personality, laughs and of course all that great music. Thanks Charlie!

  4. KROQ had everything except a signal. If these guys had a competitive signal that covered the full LA metro, KHJ would have been in serious trouble. Especially once Paul Drew took over and hired the second stringers at KHJ when he lost Robert W Morgan & Real Don Steele. Love the jingles!

  5. You gotta love a Linda Lovelace spot for Deep Throat that ends with “Thank you from the bottom of my throat”. LOL!

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