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Chuck Brittain, 89 WLS Chicago | April 12, 1985


Chuck Brittain is heard during WLS’ celebration of 25 years as the “Rock of Chicago”, and while subtle format changes were soon to come, WLS is certainly still playing ALL THE HITS, even with a jingle that sings that phrase! WLS had fully embraced the Motorola C-Quam AM Stereo system and is proudly announcing that regularly – for those of us who had receivers, anyway.

The current promotion is the “Fantasy Prize Package” where winners will get tickets to any destination in the world! Soon to come (according to Chuck Brittain) on Friday, WLS will be bringing back the personalities that made WLS such a popular station, such as Mort Crowley, Sam Holman and more.

This runs just over 5 minutes and there’s not much more we can write about this, you simply have to listen and enjoy!
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3 thoughts on “Chuck Brittain, 89 WLS Chicago | April 12, 1985

  1. In 1962, when I was 7, my brother was sick of me playing all my mother records and introduced me to WLS… I found myself spending my 1.00 a week allowance every Saturday at the Wilmette record store. born in 1955, I had a 3 inch thick stack of singles before the Beatles even came out. When I heard ” I saw her standing there” I just fell over

  2. Chuck was a busy guy around that time; that same weekend he was heard nationwide (including on WLS) guest-hosting American Top 40. It was the week “We Are The World” hit #1. (Actually, I think I hear a quick “Hi” from Casey Kasem at 5:22. Possibly a plug for Chuck’s sub-job.)

    WLS fans probably know this already but that’s Jeff Davis doing the Buckinghams lead-in.

    I have the Aircheck Factory tapes of the 25th Anniversary. Loads of good interviews and old tapes played! But I recall that anniversary was the beginning of the end for WLS
    as a full-fledged top 40 station. After that the music started becoming more AC and talk programs like Tom Snyder and Phyllis Levy’s Sex Talk began. The anniversary did lead to John Landecker’s return but his show became more talk-geared, especially after the Bears won the Super Bowl in 86.

    Nice jingle package heard here but I think they did run some “25 Years of Rock and Roll” cuts as well.

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