Chuck Brittain, 89 WLS Chicago | April 12, 1985

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Chuck Brittain is heard during WLS’ celebration of 25 years as the “Rock of Chicago”, and while subtle format changes were soon to come, WLS is certainly still playing ALL THE HITS, even with a jingle that sings that phrase! WLS had fully embraced the Motorola C-Quam AM Stereo system and is proudly announcing that regularly – for those of us who had receivers, anyway.

The current promotion is the “Fantasy Prize Package” where winners will get tickets to any destination in the world! Soon to come (according to Chuck Brittain) on Friday, WLS will be bringing back the personalities that made WLS such a popular station, such as Mort Crowley, Sam Holman and more.

This runs just over 5 minutes and there’s not much more we can write about this, you simply have to listen and enjoy!
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