Chuck Buell on 95 KIMN Denver | March 26 1979

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KIMN 95 Denver – Chuck Buell – March 26 1979

Courtesy: Robert Nicholson


Chuck Buell is known for his Smooth, comfortable, & relatable style on air.

He one of the youngest major market drive time radio personalities. In 1963, while in college, he landed a weekend gig at KIMN Denver. Within a year, Buell was promoted to afternoon drive, at 22 years old!

By 1967, ABC came calling, and talked Buell into hosting nights at WLS Chicago. After a few years he moved up to PM drive & Music Director of the station.

In 1978, KIMN hosted a reunion, and asked Chuck if he might be interested in coming back to KIMN, and he said YES! He did his second tour at KIMN until 1983, when he thought it was a good idea to move to FM, with the decline of AM radio. Chuck decided to move to Y108 and host Denver’s Morning Zoo.

Chuck also spent time on air at legendary stations, KFRC San Francisco and KMOX St. Louis.

This air check features Chuck on his second run at KIMN from 1979. -Ellis

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