Contributor Keith Teicher submitted this timely audio of Cleveland legend Chuck Collier on the occasion of the broadcaster’s untimely death.

Says Keith,

this is an aircheck of Chuck Collier on WCBS-FM in NYC from the summer of 1975. Yesterday Chuck died of a heart attack. He had worked at WGAR AM and FM in Cleveland for 30+ years, with just a two year stint at WCBS-FM.

Here’s the Obit piece written by Chuck Yarborough on
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Some of the truly wonderful things about this aircheck are the age and quality of the recording. From 1975, WCBS-FM at this point in time, is a hybrid Oldies/Contemporary station. Note the reference to “future gold” – there was even a SURVEY out every week! This is from Keith Teicher’s own tape collection and like most of his submissions, this tape doesn’t even show its age! Listen to the original (and I mean, the FIRST generation) of WCBS-FM Oldies jingles, nicely woven into the fabric of the WCBS-FM Oldies format.

By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of and - All the BIG Hits!

3 thoughts on “Chuck Collier, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | 1975”
  1. Oh yes! Those were the great days of the Golden 101. Their music fit my taste perfectly. Kokomo by Asia Minor! Wow!

    Love their jingles. Also spot breaks were two and half minutes except during drive times.

  2. Whenever I visited the NYC area from Philly in the 1970s it was cool to hear all of the toll takers on the New Jersey Turnpike in north Jersey listening to WCBS FM! There was an echo of WCBS FM from every direction and you would hear the toll takers commenting about the songs and DJs with a smile on their face!

  3. Oh, what a delight to be able to go back in time like this. I was living in the Catskills in the summer of 1975. Every time I went to Manhattan I listened to Golden One-O-One… ooh it feels like I’m back there & then. Thanks so much for the magic.

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