Chuck Ingersoll, 90.1 WGMC (Jazz 90.1), Rochester, NY | July 12, 2013

90.1 Rochester WGMC Chuck Ingersoll

Description by Contributor Chuck Ingersoll:

While he did a morning show at album rocker WCMF in the mid-to-late ‘70s and middays at MOR WSAY in the early ‘80s, both in Rochester, Chuck was always a big jazz fan, writing reviews and articles for magazines like DIFFERENT DRUMMER and DOWNBEAT, among others. He’s done a weekly jazz show on public radio Jazz 90.1/WGMC for a decade. Initially a 3-hour live Friday night program, the Soul Jazz Spectrum is now one hour on Friday nights as this length is far more easily recorded in his home studio and literally “mailed in” to the station: ( Today he also keeps his hand and mouth in by doing voiceovers for training and commercials (, as well as naming and branding (

90.1 Rochester WGMC Chuck Ingersoll


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