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Editorial: The Economy, Oil & Gas Prices, Presidents, Corruption and the Second Amendment

Steve West
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I have this forum and so far, I've resisted the temptation to use it.  I think now is a good time to drive home certain points that MUST be addressed regarding our country.

The recent "mass shooting" incidents have pushed Americans to the breaking point.  It's come to the point where people regardless of political affiliation are ready for the government to enact whatever legislation needed to stem the gun violence. 

This is setting up for a huge confrontation.    I wrote the following in response to a Facebook post just yesterday:

The right to keep and bear arms is the single most important right given to us by the founding fathers. Whether lefties want to disagree or not, the second amendment protects and guarantees the rest. The democrat party of control freaks and outlandish immorality and destructive woke and green policies are literally rotting this country from within. At some point the people have to get them out, before they use the national guard to turn the guns on US. This is exactly what the second amendment was written for- to protect us from government tyranny. And if one reads the Declaration of Independence… the reasoning is there in black and white for all to see.

Many who read this may be appalled that I believe this.  However, one really must open up their eyes and see for themselves what's REALLY going on in the United States.  Stop watching the biased cable news networks, because everything is reported with a slant.  From CNN to Fox News to MSNBC to Newsmax.  ALL of it is heavily biased.   If you want to watch news that is a bit more accurate as to what's going on in this country, watch the BBC.  You'll get a far more accurate report of what's happening here than our own news media.

I've thought all of this through.  While the "mass shootings" (I put that in quotations because it seems that any time more than two people are shot, it's a "mass shooting", called that for maximum political effect) are horrific - especially since so many innocent children have been killed since Sandy Hook, it's important to note a few things.  First, it is not a conspiracy theory to consider that some of this is by design.  As yourself how an 18-year-old who worked part time at Dunkin' Donuts could come up with the thousands of $ to purchase a rifle, pistol and thousands of rounds of ammunition.   How is it that someone inside the school opened the back door for the perpetrator to enter (now it's been recanted to say he DIDN'T.  Yeah sure)?  How is it that the police waited a full hour knowing full well that children were being killed in there?  That's the burning question on everyone's mind.   If you're a liberal, or progressive democrat and you say that's conspiracy theory stuff, then I say to you, BUNK!  There is NOTHING WRONG with thinking about these possibilities.   Kinda like Waco or Ruby Ridge.... you REALLY think the government had nothing to do with those things?   

Questioning our government's actions is American as it gets.   Democrats have investigated the Trump Administration ad nauseum, looking for any and all violations of any laws that they can come up with.  Republicans call this "Trump Derangement Syndrome".  it's possible that President Trump is the most hated man in America.  He's also the most admired man in America.  Probably no one in American history has had a more polarizing effect on this country besides Barack Obama and his racist statements about white people.  So, when President Biden says he wants to outlaw all "assault weapons" and 9mm pistols, question WHY?   If you think it's in order to stem these 'mass shootings', I'd invite you to think again.   The democrat party is terrified of the butt whooping they are facing in November.  Their agenda isn't complete and they desperately need to stay in power for a myriad of reasons.  There's ample reason for them to fix the November elections, create a national emergency where they could declare martial law or even bring back draconian Covid-19 rules and mandate mail in voting only.   The people are NOT going to stand for any of that this time.  2020 was bad enough.  What does that have to do with mentioning democrat investigations of President Trump?  EVERYTHING!   Democratic lawmakers and president Biden are RIPE for investigation, if only to find out WHY they are sabotaging the greatest nation in all of world history!  Why was it necessary to close all businesses in response to Covid-19, knowing the horrible economic damage that would do?  Horrible and very long-lasting devastating effects on small businesses.  They KNEW this, yet went ahead and shut down most states anyway.   Why was it necessary to stop drilling or producing oil products for use here in America, knowing that there's no infrastructure to support going 100% electric - but knowing it would drive prices through the roof in order to discourage Americans from driving.  The collateral damage:  Home heating oil will be mostly unaffordable for all except those earning 100k a year this coming season.   And who is going to drive to a destination on vacation this Summer?   Lets destroy the hospitality industry while we're at it.   And who can afford groceries?  Everything has doubled in price in the span of 9 months.  This cannot be sustained.   

Are you democrats REALLY going to argue that "presidents don't set oil prices, the marketplace does"?   Well, if everything was business as normal, yes.  But not this time.  The very day that Biden announced the closing of the pipeline, oil futures shot way up.  Every announcement since then that's said America will no longer allow drilling here, drilling there, no more fracking... each announcement drove oil & gas prices even higher.   Yet you people stick to your 'guns' and blame the oil supply problems because of Russia invading Ukraine... and that there's an oil shortage, and that OPEC won't produce more oil.... blame, blame, blame, everyone except their democrat party leaders.  That's not going to work out so well in November.

So, back to the second amendment...

The Declaration of Independence has this to say...

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government".

If that's what must happen, then let it. Our government is a criminal organization, illegally limiting and advocating to abolish certain freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. That makes them outlaws. And, lets be clear. It's 100% the DEMOCRAT party that's doing all this. Our first course of action must be the ballot box in November. If, by voter fraud and a rigged system, the scoundrels in the Democrat party are not voted out, then all options are on the table and yes I absolutely advocate for them. The United States is rotting morally, our economy and whole economic system is being intentionally destroyed by a party of outlaws who care NOTHING about the rights of the average American citizen. Democrats are trying so hard to turn prosperous Americans into paupers on their own land, attempting to sew racial division and strife and they intentionally turn a blind eye to racial groups like BLM who burn down whole neighborhoods and call for the execution of police officers, while going after people who run companies (small, local businesses or large corporations - they don't care one bit about them), going after oil and gas and trying to limit the availability & raise the prices of said oil products to obscene levels that few can actually afford in this nit-witted attempt to push everyone into garbage electric cars where there's no established infrastructure to support them.

Oh, the people have every reason and every right to fight for their second amendment rights no matter what it takes. And the people - I mean people who use their brains to think through what's going on - they're 100% FED UP! Fed up with LGBTQ crap being pushed on kindergarteners and elementary school children, fed up with woke nonsense, fed up with intentionally sabotaging the entire economy to make everyone dependent upon government.... the list goes on and on. We just are not going to take it any longer.