Composite: 15 KSTP St Paul – Part 1 | 1973/1974

On a cassette which has typed (not computer-pritned) ’15 KSTP, MINNEAPOLIS, 1973-1974 airchecks’ on it, here is what appears to be a ‘professional ‘edit, with each small clip fading in and out appropriately… through 45 minutes!

If you can take the obvious ‘chops’ in this, it’s a really wonderful collection of disc jockeys and each daypart on the Twin Cities’ Top 40 giant! Among the great (and not so great) voices you’ll hear a GREAT Charlie Bush with news, Knapp in the Morning, M.G (Machine Gun) Kelly, and more. Beware, this doesn’t sound like what it is at first, because it starts with a sports report of the previous night’s fight between Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier.