October 20, 2021

1 thought on “Composite: 1510 WLAC Nashville | March 16, 1960

  1. As a high school youngster back in 1963, I began to stay awake late at night once I discovered there was an intersting signal booming on 1510 of our old Philco Tropic in COSTA RICA. Well this was taken so serioulsy that I could flatter myself for being the first tico to hear Otis Redding debut with “These Arms Of Mine”. As a one time client of Buckleys Record Shop, I ordered their 1964 “Fall Time Special” package of 6 singles priced at some $3.50. Fondest memories that still lingers in my internal HD.
    Someway, as a tico air personality for half century, I’m paying homage to Classic Soul R&B music in my web caster ZORROUNDSYSTEM.COM

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