September 18, 2021

6 thoughts on “Composite: 610 KFRC San Francisco | August 14, 1968

  1. First of all, the word is “psychedelic” and if you’re going to claim any credibility at all, yes, it matters. Next, no… We, the young listeners of the era didn’t really talk like this, we only dreamed of it. This is the inimitable Dave Diamond. He didn’t mimic cultural trends, he started them. He mesmerized his audience.

    Hey, Boogibar, how’s it hangin’? – KROY, DW

  2. This ~totally~ brings me back! I miss listening to the REAL KFRC on 610 so much on my little transistor radio with the one sided ear plug. Dave Diamond in the “Diamond Mine”; what memories! Some of commercials were hokey for sure, but Dave never was. He was always contemporary and he could easily walk into any radio station today and be exactly the same way, modern and up to date. Rock on Dave!

  3. I had the good fortune of working at The Big610 for 7 years. Worked with the likes of Mike Phillips, Jay Stevens, Bobby Dale, Howard Clark, and the great Dale Dorman. Dale worked some magic, weaving insanity over the short intros of the music we played. Those fist 3 years, from ’66 thru ’69 were the most exciting. Tom Rounds, the origional program director, set the whole thing in motion. It was a great education for me, and I will always be greatful for showing up and being in the right place at the right time.
    Joe Collins

  4. I had the pleasure of having Dave as a professor at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD, back in the mid-90’s. He was a hoot.

  5. Sometimes I read these comments years later and wonder just what was the writer thinking? Credibility? You bet we claim credibility. There are so few places where an historian can write with accuracy about the stories history of america’s Biggest stations. We study the history of the station’s here.

    Know what you are talking about next time. We at Airchexx are THE authority of the history of radio in North America. And we have the audio to prove it!

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