Composite: 610 KFRC San Francisco | August 14, 1968

It’s the heavy sound of KFRC as the Bay Area’s Top 40 giant plays the phsychadelic rock hits of the late 60s! These guys SOUND like hippies – yes, scads is a real word, and everything was groovy. True, this really does sound as old as it is. Its hard to believe we actually talked like this back then but hearing is believing!

Most of this is Dave Diamond, probably three different recordings all rolled up into one composite aircheck. The first several minutes of audio are a bit muffled, as tape wear took its toll on this golden aircheck, but it does get much better about 8 minutes in. You’ll hear some great commercials, both local and national spots, such as Aretha Franklin singing “Things Go Better With Coka-Cola”. And along with the Bill Drake Intro-Legal ID at the top of the hour, the Johnny Mann Singers KFRC Jingles and the music (scoped, of course), the best part of this aircheck by far is Dave Diamond. While he doesn’t sport Dan Ingram’s (WABC) irreverent humor, his choice of words to describe just about every aspect of his show and all things San Francisco show off a command of the English language very rarely heard on America’s airwaves today. In fact, I’d suspect it’s heard NOWHERE – since radio isn’t done like this anymore.

Runs 18 minutes, courtesy of original Contributor Matt Seinberg of Big Apple Airchecks.