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680 Boston WRKO Chip Hobart, Dale Dorman Johnny Dark Harry Nelson JJ Jordan JJ Wright Mike Addams Eric Chase Charlie Van Dyke Jordan Rich JJ Jeffrey Charlie Fox 68 RKO

Was 1975 really that long ago? I mean, really. We were just kids. Summers were hot, our parents not too old and we went everywhere on vacation. I always had a radio wherever we went. And I swear, everywhere east of my hometown picked up WRKO.

this sounds so NORMAL to me. I must’ve been at that age when my eyes opened up to everything around me. Because everything seems right.

The composite sure sounds right – pure WRKO Music People. Uncle Dale Dorman (that same Uncle Dale) heard in between cartoons on Channel 56, Johnny Dark, J.J. Jordan, Harry Nelson, J.J. Wright, Eric Chase. These guys played music all night and all day. There were no purity products to sell or people talking about Elvis sightings, Just all the fun that a hot weekend in New England could bring.

Credits gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Steve Bleecker in donating this high quality recording. Thanks also to Andy Kitchen and Henry Frick for their roles in bringing this wonderful recording to our archives, so that all may enjoy and remember how radio was, and how it should be. Thank you.

Contributor Steve Bleecker writes:

“I need to Publicly say “Thanks Much” to Mr. Henry Frick, who is now retired, and living with his wife of many years, in Ft. Worth Texas. Before his long and Successful Career in Railroading…Henry and I were Curry College Buddies in Milton, Mass., and so many of the tapes I now have been able to share were given to me many years ago…and were painstakingly recorded by Henry, either while he was at school, in Milton, or in Greenwich, Conn., at his parent’s home. So…we are so Very Grateful, Henry ! Thank You !”

By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of and - All the BIG Hits!

5 thoughts on “Composite: 68 WRKO Boston | September 1975”
  1. some giants came out of the upstate new york “farm team” dale dorman on WOLF was one… and so many others… wont name other names… but it was the best radio nobody knows about…

  2. With all due respect…Dale Dorman got his start with Drake at KYNO in Fresno, not in the east. My Dad worked with him in 1966. Still a great memory maker. Many Thanks for sharing.

  3. John S., you got it wrong. Not only did Dorman work at WOLF a couple of times in his career, he got his start at an even smaller market station in NY state before hitting Syracuse and WOLF.

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