Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September, 1966

790 Atlanta WQXI

790 Atlanta WQXI
There’s a reason why industry experts in the 1960s and early 70s chose WQXI as the southern leader in the Top 40 format, and much of it is on exhibit here. If you can get by the scratchy sound of this recording, which sounds as if it was made on a table radio tuned somewhat off-frequency, you’ll enjoy the format and the sounds of the major personalities of “Quicksie in Dixie” right here!

From Contributor Robyn Watts, right off a no-name tape with only a set of call letters for each exhibit and the approximate date, WQXI is heard through various parts of its broadcast day. Even includes portions of some newscasts.

Dr Don RoseThe Jocks, in order, are:

Red Jones
Dr. Don Rose (WFIL, KFRC)
Tony Taylor (WOR-FM, WKOX-FM)
Patrick Alouicious Hayes

Old commercials for Atlanta area businesses, and some large network accounts are also heard. When was the last time you heard a commercial for ‘Tab’? Its all here, in varying audio quality, processed as best as we at Airchexx could do in the audio restoration process.


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  1. Bill

    Oh how I miss radio like this…One of the “old school” radio stations left is WLNG 92.1fm in Long Island, NY….Plus I have Crusin’ 67 which feature WQXI and Dr Don Rose(up you nose)….Great stuff!!!

  2. Steven Green

    That was a wonderful aircheck. Love the sound of WQXI in the mid-1960’s.

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