Composite: 93.7 KCFM St. Louis | 1979


You’ll really love the laid back style of these Soft Rock jocks heard on the not-long-for-this-world ‘CFM FM 94. Reminiscent of both WEEI-FM 103 Boston and KNX-FM Los Angeles around the same time period, this is Mellow Rock – a format that was soft AC before the format existed. Actually, this format was soft Album Cuts, kinda the direct opposite of Album Oriented Rock (AOR) – similar in presentation, but featuring the soft cuts from non hard rock artists.

The format was changed and new Call Letters (KSD-FM) were assigned on 7/10/80. Today, 93.7 KSD is a Country station, “The Bull”

Relatable: There is a radio station broadcsting on 99.8 FM in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England using the name KCFM. In the United States, the KCFM call letters belong to AM 1250 in Florence, Oregon.


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  1. al stidham

    Nashville’s SM95 (WSM-FM) had a similar format during the late 70’s and early 80’s. As I recall, WLAC-FM, taking a more hits- oriented AC approach, won the ratings war and prompted WSM-FM’s change to country music.

  2. ed horner

    KSD-FM had a great line-up around 1983-until it all blew up and went country with the format change. Back in early 1980’s, KSD-FM used to id as …ks94 is KSD-FM 93.7, St. Louis. Their morning show was JC Corcoran, with his crew after he left K-SHE.

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