Composite: 970 WWSW Pittsburgh | July, 1980

94.5 WWSW 3WS Studio as it looks today
Date of Recording: 07.xx.1980 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 970 WWSW (WTKN/WBGG) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Format: Full Service Adult Contemporary
Featured Air Personalities: Charlie Warren, George Heart, Jay Mitchell
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Airchexx Entry: 1,461

“…In a 1979 People Magazine Poll, who was America’s favorite MALE singer?


The first half of this recording is dedicated to Charlie Warren and the morning show. Investigating the history of WWSW, there is very little reference to the slogan by which the station is branded here in 1980 – “Double Double”. There’s even a jingle package cut for it. Of course, the talent uses both Double Double and 970 WWSW to identify the station, which on this recording sounds very good. Nicely processed, not over compressed, and it seems as if the station has an enthusiastic listener base.

About midway through this aircheck, the recording skips to just before midnight. The jock is George Heart (Hart?), which then leads to Jay Mitchell and the “All Night Show”.

1980 was an interesting point in time for this station, WWSW had been Country for a while and the general consensus is that format failed. This was the first year of a return to somewhat contemporary music. It was float between Oldies and REAL old oldies for a time, before merging with it’s FM 94.5, going CHR and then splitting off forever. The CHR format remains to this day on the FM side, as 945 3WS, an iHeart Media station.

970 WWSW Pittsburgh graphic courtesy of Jeff Roteman