Composite: KFMB-FM “B100” San Diego |February 13, 1980

100.7 San Diego KFMB-FM

Bobby Rich would say it all started here. Nothing before or that came after it would compare to the mighty CHR giant sitting at 100.7. At least, not in San Diego!

The Top Hour ID ALWAYS went – “KFM – BFM San Diego’s FM!”….. And, it WAS!

Here it is, as Glenn McCartney mentions, the day before Valentine’s day, and B100 is giving away cash! Lots of it. Lots of personality in this radio station for listeners to stay glued to, day after day. Here’s the lineup, as heard on this scoped recording:

Shotgun Tom Kelly
Glenn McCartney
Kevin Anderson
Danny Wild
Cathy Awnin (sp?)

The lineup would change over the years, but the talent that went through the doors at this radio station was amazing!
We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t point our listeners to the man who literally wrote the book at B100 – Bobby Rich! He re-creates B-100 quite nicely… just go here -> Bobby's B-100!
Now, on to the original!

100.7 San Diego KFMB-FM

Aircheck #1,278 Since May 2, 2002!

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  1. This was sure fun to hear. It was the VERY first time for me to hear it since this was after I left in ’79 and before I returned in ’84. Great staff as always And fun, good radio too.

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