Composite: KJR Seattle “Channel 95” | 1966-1970

Much of this is original material donated in the Summer of 2002, in our first year on the web. Contributor Rhett Walker was there, and he remembers the fun at KJR fondly.

A couple of segments in this have been available elsewhere on the web, other parts haven’t seen the light of day until now. This composite was spliced together by your webmaster from CD tracks made from the original reel tapes.

Much of this focuses attention on Norm Gregory’s show. There was a ‘Part 1’ that did NOT make it into this composite because I took it as a separate track and posted it many years ago, because it features Larry Lujack on KJR and I felt it needed to be a separate exhibit. You can listen to that one HERE.

You will note the various quality variations as this came from different source reels. Much of the second portion of this exhibit seems to have come from the studio skimmer reel machine. The first part might have, but its far more worn out and sounds more like it was recorded off air.

Runs 48 minutes, Scoped.