Composite: Rick Dees, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | 1979 – 80

Rick DeesCourtesy of new contributor Leo Knott comes this reasonably low-fidelity recording of various Rick Dees morning shows during his time at 93 KHJ.

Dees fans note that this is so tightly scoped down that there’s barely a hint of KHJ jingles, no music and is otherwise somewhat boring to the average listener because of the stark lack of station programming elements. But, you’ll get a good feel for what the Rick Dees morning show was and how it evolved into what it became when he transitioned over to KIIS after this, the next-to-last morning show on the old Top 40 KHJ.

Here’s what the contributor writes about this recording:

“Rick has a cast of characters on this tape and great impersonations. Starts out with a take on Bette Davis, absolutely hilarious. Plus, Willard Wiseman, The Rev. and others.

The Groaning Barrett impersonation is a take of days gone by GMA’s roving correspondent Rona Barrett. There (are) lots of funny bits on this tape and Dees is at his best in putting it all together.

Newsman Lee Marshall plays well with the gang.”

– Leo Knott

93 KHJ

One Reply to “Composite: Rick Dees, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | 1979 – 80”

  1. Wayne

    This is the Dees that I remember and miss soooo much. I hope he brings all his famous characters to Hot 93.3, especially Willard Wiseman.

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