October 25, 2021

6 thoughts on “Composite: WGCI AM/FM “Power 107.5” Chicago | December 1986

  1. This was the best WGCI line up ever!…. Bob Wall (RIP)/ Harold Lee Rush, Yvonne Daniels (RIP)Tom “Fly Jock” Joyner and Doug Banks you can’t get any better than that in Chicago Urban Radio at the time…..This was their “Golden Age” Before Clear Channel. Too bad we can’t go back!

  2. i think this from september of 1986 because bob wall mention that the schools just opened up love the aircheck from gci. it ain’t what it used to be

  3. Bob Wall was such a natural.The morning man sets the stage for everything.Truly the Minneapolis era Alexander O’Neal,Prince and all the great creative music; real R&B not the crap thats on the radio now.Listening to this I forgot how diverse radio was back in the 80’s what what a treat.It’s amazing what you can find on the internet when you can’t sleep! Stay cool Bob. RIP

  4. The Super Bowl Shuffle! Listening to this is so great! Timeless (except for the heads in the tape players-LOL)! I listened EVERY morning!

  5. Yvonne used to serenade me in my sleep (through a bunch of static)growing up in The Ozarks in the 70’s on the enormous 89 WLS!

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