October 17, 2021

6 thoughts on “Composite: WXLK K-92 FM Roanoke VA | May 1988

  1. K92 was one of the the highest-rated CHRs in the country during the 1980s. I’ve forgot by how much, but it was well north of 30% 12+!!! Future major market jocks like Sunny Joe Stevens, Cat Michaels and others made this station sound “major-market” in a smaller market.

  2. I was working in Charlotte in 1995 when the K92 offer came down the line. At first, I kinda scoffed at the idea. Heck, it was a 70 market-rank drop! Didn’t seem logical. But, K92 was SO well-known for being a launching pad to the majors. That’s SOLELY the reason I took the afternoon gig. Lo and behold, it took just 5 months there for Q102/Philly to offer me middays. There was something special in those studios!

  3. Hey guys-thanks for posting this air check of K92. I was PD and GM there when these air checks were made. 15.6 to 22.5 AQH share. Brought the WLS sound to K92! It was a blast with a hard working, fun loving staff. Great memories 28 years ago. Jan Jeffries

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